How to: Setup live channels


    Go to Settings > Live > Channels


    To add a new Channel simply press the "Add Channel" button, give the channel a name and select channel type; Push, Pull or Bypass.

    • Push
      This is the most common type of channel, Push channels are used when you want to broadcast from your encoder to Screen9. After creating a push channel, there will be an ingest URL associated with the channel for you to enter in to your encoder.

    • Pull
      This type of channel is used when you want to ingest from an external source. You will provide a RTMP URL for Screen9 to ingest from.

    • Bypass
      This type of channel connects the player directly to a stream. A URL to an HLS stream is required for video playback and optionally an RTMP URL to record the event.

    Note that it may take up to 30 minutes before a new push or pull channel can stream a live event.

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