How to: Broadcast Live




    • Controls
      After a live event has been created, a preview is automatically started some time before the event.
      Before the automatic preview of your live event has started you can press "Preview Now" to start a preview and make sure everything is set up correctly. This will not affect recording of the event or show the player publicly. The preview can be ended by clicking "End Preview" or will automatically end after 30 minutes.
      During the automatic preview you are able to start the even manually before the set start time by pressing "Start Now". When automatic preview starts depends on Event start time and Preview lead time set when creating the Live Event.


      You are able to end the Live Event before set end time by pressing the "Stop" button. This will end the broadcast and create an on-remand video if recording was enabled.

    • Information
      Configure the start and end times, toggle Autoplay and Recording, and see whether Timeshift and 360° is enabled under the Information tab. Timeshift and 360° cannot be toggled after the event is registered, recording cannot be toggled after the event has started.

    • Metadata
      Set Title, Description, Category and Tags under the Metadata tab.

    • Appearance
      You can set Poster Image and view your Logotype for your Live Event under the Appearance tab
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