Publish your video


    After you have uploaded your video and it has finished processing you want to publish it. Depending on your what your technical environment looks like, this can be done in different ways.


    The most straightforward way is to copy the embed code of the video and paste this into an html editor of the website where you want to publish the video. You find the embed codes to copy-paste or drag and drop in Console on the media page or in the media list.

    • Publish
      In the Publish section you can change the behavior of the player in your embed codes.

    • Appearance
      In the Appearance section you can customize poster image, logotype and player behavior. 

    • Distribution
      In the Distribution section you can export and manage the exports of the video to YouTube and Facebook, in the Distribution section is also where you can find a list of any clones made from the video.


    If your technical environment is using an API integration or if you are publishing to a videosite then you can use the Publish button to toggle publication of your video and publish it to the API feed.



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