Export to YouTube


    You can connect your Screen9 account with one or many Youtube accounts and then have videos automatically exported with meta data attached.

    Connect your Youtube account

    Connect your Youtube account(s) by going to Settings > Connections > Syndication in the Console. Give your account a name and click the Connect button. Note that the name can be any name you like, it has nothing to do with your login information to Youtube.

    When you click the Add button, you will be redirected to a google accounts page where you login with the Youtube account that you wish to make the connection to. Select the account and follow Google's instructions. 

    Exporting videos

    With your account connected, you now have the ability to export videos to said accounts. Each video has a Distribution section on their single media page and by clicking the "Export" button in the YouTube box, the Screen9 system submits the file to YouTube including meta data. Exported videos will show their publishing status and you can also delete videos from YouTube by clicking the "Remove" button.


    How and what meta data is exported

    Title, description and tags are synchronized with Youtube. This means that if you change your meta data in any way, those changes are sent to Youtube. The synchronization doesn't work the other way though so if you make changes in Youtube, they will not be reflected in Screen9 and they will also be overwritten the next time you make any changes in Screen9. 

    Note that the media will be synchronized as long as the YouTube account is connected with your Screen9 account the video on YouTube will be updated if media in Screen9 is, this also goes for removing media.

    If you plan to keep your media on YouTube and close your Screen9 account, make sure you remove the connection to YouTube first or your videos will be removed from YouTube automatically when deleted in Screen9.


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