• Views

      The total number of views of media. When VAST advertisement is enabled, the view is counted after the preroll is completed and the main content starts. Pressing replay after playback has finished does not trigger a new view. Similarly an automatically looping video does not trigger new views for each loop.
      Note: when Ooyala advertisement is enabled the view is counted before the preroll


    • Impressions
      The total number of times that the video has been displayed to users without necessarily being played.


    • Viewed Time

      The total viewed time.

    • Unique Visitors

      The unique number of visitors that has generated at least one view.


    • Average Engagement

      The total viewed time divided by number of views and media length. Or in other words, as a percentage, how large portion of a media has been consumed on average.


    • Streaming

      Consumed bandwidth for media streaming.


    • Storage

      Total data stored on your account.


    Top List

    Sort your media by Views, Impressions, Viewed Time or Engagement during the selected time frame.



    Detailed graphs showing Views, Domains, Average Engagement, Streaming, Storage and Demographics for your account during the selected time frame.

    Domains list the domain of websites your videos have been presented on.


    Single media


    Single media statistics include Views, Domains, Engagement, Average Engagement and Streaming.

    Views, Average Engagement and Streaming for single media works same way as explained in Overview, Engagement for single media displays a graph covering the engagement throughout the duration of the media. For each point in time of the duration of the media, the graph tells you how large percentage of users that watched here. When a user seeks back/replays the media without closing the player, the engagement counts double and thus engagement can be over 100%.


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