Configuration and Setup of Advertising


    In order for the Screen9 players to present ads from your ad provider (ad server) you first need to configure advertisement settings on your account. Screen9 has support for both VAST and VMAP tags.

    Advertisement settings are configured under Advertising on the Settings page of the Console.

    Setup Advertising With VAST 3.0 Tags


    There are three slots per video for VAST tags, Pre-rollMid-roll, and Post-roll. Enter a VAST tag URL from your ad provider (ad server) in the field representing the slot you want the ad to play in.

    • The Pre-roll is presented before the video starts (before a view is registered in statistics).
    • The Mid-roll is presented in the middle of the video.
    • Post-roll is presented after the video has ended.

    Setup Advertising With a VMAP Tag


    Enter a VMAP ad tag from your ad provider (ad server) in the "Ad tag" field.

    Note: Currently only supported for the Amber player, contact Screen9 support for more information.

    When using VMAP ad tags, your ad provider controls when and how ads are presented in the player, contact your ad provider (ad server) for more details.

    Disable advertising for individual media

    Sometimes there is a need to disable advertising on a specific video or live event. This can be managed on a per media basis in Screen9. Navigate to the overview page for the media in question and toggle "Disable advertising".

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