Configuration and setup of advertising


    To setup and configure advertising with VAST
    For Screen9 to deliver advertising in the player you need to configure which VAST URLs to call. The VAST settings can be found if you navigate to Advertising under Settings, then choose VAST 3.0.
    On the Advertising page, make sure "VAST 3.0" is enabled and add the URLs that you get from your ad provider to your VAST feeds in the text boxes as seen below.

    Usually you only need to configure the HTML5 URLs, if you are provided with separate ad calls for HTML5 and Flash, enter them in the corresponding fields.


    Disable advertising for an individual video

    Sometimes there is a need to disable advertising on a specific video or videos. This can be managed on a per video basis in Screen9. Navigate to the overview page for the video in question and then toggle "Disable advertising".

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