Clone a video


    The Screen9 account console allows you to clone a video either as a duplicate video in the same account or as a new video in another account. This feature is particularly useful for sharing content between for example business units in an organisation.

    What does it mean?
    Cloning a video creates a duplicated instance of the video, but without duplicating the storage if both videos are on accounts belonging to the same customer. Cloned videos can all be independently used even if the source of the clone has been deleted.

    The cloning of a video will duplicate the following information:

    • Poster image
    • Title
    • Description
    • Tags
    • Category (if possible otherwise default)

    Note that there is no synchronisation of metadata after the cloning has completed.

    The cloning feature follows the logic of the role permissions for users. This means that if you have permissions to add media to an account, you can also clone media into that account. Likewise, if you have the right to update your media you can also clone it.

    Cloning a video
    To clone a video, click the "clone" button located just below the video player on the edit media page. This will open a popup dialog where you will be asked to select the account where the clone should be created and also a checkbox indicating that you wish to navigate to the new video after cloning.

    See screenshot showing the clone media button and the clone media dialogue.

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