Broadcasting live to Screen9 from a mobile using Larix Broadcaster


    Larix Broadcaster is a simple third-party app used to live stream from your mobile device. The following tutorial explains how to setup Larix Broadcaster on an Android device to broadcast live to Screen9.



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    When first opening up Larix Broadcaster you will be prompted to allow access to record audio, take pictures and record video, access photos, media and files on your device. These are all required for the app to function properly. 

    Configure connection



    For this tutorial the Name will be "Screen9 Channel 1", Name is only used to keep track of your connections in case you have multiple connections setup.


    For the next step you need the Streaming server address and Stream name of the live channel you are broadcasting to, more information can be found in this article.

    Enter your Streaming server address followed by your Stream name separated by a '/' in between in the URL field. The Streaming server address and Stream name you get from Screen9 Console should look something like the examples below:


    What you enter in the URL field should look something like the following:


    Leave the other fields empty or as they were.

    Make sure the connection you wish to stream to is enabled as shown in the screenshot above. All selected connections will be streamed to simultaneously, having multiple connections active at the same time may cause issues as it takes a lot of performance from your mobile device.


    Encoder settings

    Recommended settings for your encoder can be found here, for this tutorial we will setup 720p.
    We always recommend testing your setup to make sure your device and network connection is sufficient for your settings.

    Video size

    Set video size to 1280x720



    Set bitrate to 3000 kbit/sec


    Start Broadcasting


    Press the red button to start live streaming, you can view your active connections and statistics for them in the bottom left corner.

    The stream should then show up in the Console producer view shortly after.

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