User roles in the Console


    The Console supports different user roles. Under the Settings tab in the Users section it is possible to review the permissions the different roles have.

    Below is a short summary of the different roles. The role permissions restrict access in Account Console and in the XML-RPC API when userid is included in a call. 

    Read Only

    Read only users can view all media and statistics. However they cannot make any changes to the account.


    Producer users can upload media, create live broadcasts. They can modify and delete their media and live broadcasts. However, they cannot change the moderation of their media. This means a producer user needs another user to get their media visible through channels relying on media being public.

    The producer user cannot view any other media than their own, cannot view statistics and cannot change the account settings.


    The user role has the same permissions as the producer, with the difference that the user role can change moderation of their own content.


    Publisher users can see and edit all media from all users. They can also view all statistics.

    However cannot manage the account settings or users.


    Administrator users have all permissions available on the account. Only an Administrator can change XML-RPC IP whitelists and create API tokens in the Account Console.




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