Record a video in Console


    You can record and upload a video directly to Screen9 in your web browser from the Console using the "Record from Camera" functionality.

    Record from camera

    Press the "Upload" button at the top, then choose "Record from Camera" to open up the "Record from Camera" dialog seen below.

    Start recording


    You can set Title, Description, Tags and Category of the video before uploading, these fields can be left empty if you prefer to set metadata after the media is uploaded. To start recording, simply press the green "Start" button. The "Start" button will then be replaced by a red "Stop" button when recording. Press the "Stop" button to end the recording.


    Upload video


    After stopping your recording, the button will be replaced with an "Upload" button and a "Retake" button. The recorded video will be available for a preview. If the video didn't turn out the way you wanted, simply press the retake button to start over. If you're happy with the result press the "Upload" button to upload the recorded video. It will then be uploaded to your account.

    Note that if you press the "Retake" button the recorded footage is permanently lost.


    Supported browsers and devices

    Recording video directly in the Console is supported on Chrome and Firefox. When browsing the Console on a mobile device, pressing the "Upload" button will give you the option to either browse for media or record a video to upload using the built in camera functionality of your device.


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