Screen and Camera Recording in the Console


    You can record with the camera and/or do a screencast to save directly in the Console using your web browser and the Screen9 Record from Camera/Screen functionality.



    Press the Upload button in the top right and choose “Record from Camera/Screen” to open up the Record dialog.




    Video source is the main content which the output video resolution will be based of.

    Picture in picture video source is a smaller video placed in the bottom right corner of the video as an overlay. None means there will be no picture-in-picture, i.e. only one video source.

    Audio source is the audio used in the video, choose whether you want to use your microphone as input or choose None to disable audio capture.


    Screen as Video Source


    When choosing Screen as video source you will be prompted to choose a screen or desktop program to capture, this may look different based on your web browser. The example above is from Chrome.




    You can set Title, Description, Tags and Category of the video before recording it, these fields may be left as they are if you prefer to set metadata after the media is uploaded.


    Start Recording


    Press the green Start button to start recording, it will then be replaced by a red Stop button while recording. Press the Stop button when you are done to end the recording.

    Don't close this window while recording or content will be lost.

    Save the Video


    After stopping your recording, you will be presented with a preview of the video along with a Retake and an Upload button. Press the Retake button if you want to throw away the recording and start over. Press the Upload button when you are satisfied with your recording and want to save it on your Screen9 account.


    Supported Browsers and Devices

    Due to limitations in various browsers this feature is only fully supported on Chrome and Firefox. More browsers will be added when they support recording. When browsing the Console on a mobile device, pressing the Upload button will give you the option to either browse for media on your device or record a video to upload using the built in camera functionality of your device.

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