Install the Screen9 Episerver Plugin (Episerver 9, 10, 11)


    This article covers the topic of how to install the Screen9 Plugin for Episerver.

    Episerver version 9, 10 and 11 are supported.

    In order to install the Screen9 Plugin you need administrator privileges on your Episerver.

    Install NuGet in Visual Studio




    Right click your Episerver project and choose "Manage NuGet Packages...".



    The Screen9 plugin for Episerver is available both in the official Episerver NuGet feed and

    Make sure the package source is set to one of the above mentioned and go to the Browse tab and search for Screen9.

    Choose "Screen9.EPiserver.Video.plugin" from the list, make sure the correct version is selected.

    Which version you want to select depends on what Episerver version you are running, 9, 10, 11, or 11 with TinyMCE version 2.

    The version for TinyMCE in Episerver 11 can be found under 'EpiServer.CMS.TinyMce'.

    Episerver version Plugin version
    9 & 10 1.1.3
    11 with TinyMCE version 1 2.x.x
    11 with TinyMCE version 2 3.x.x


    After selecting the correct version of the plugin, press Install.




    Press OK to proceed.

    The Plugin is now installed on your Episerver, for more information about how to use the Screen9 Episerver Plugin, check out this article.


    Activate Screen9 icon in TinyMCE editor toolbar

    Note that if you installed the Screen9 Episerver plugin version 3.0.0 or above the activation will be done automatically and the installation is already complete.

    After installing the NuGet you can add the Screen9 Video button to your Editor Toolbar.




    When logged in on the Episerver site, open the top toolbar, go in under CMS and choose Admin.




    Go to the Content Type tab and select "[Default] Standard Page" under Page Types, then choose "MainBody".




    Select the "Custom Settings" tab and choose "Use custom settings" under "TinyMCE Editor".

    Drag the Screen9 video icon from Miscellaneous under Inactive tools to desired location in the Editor Toolbar above. The recommended position is next to the image icon as shown above.

    Press save at the bottom of the page.




    The Screen9 Video button is now added to the editor toolbar on your Episerver, for more information about how to use the Screen9 Episerver Plugin, check out this article.

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