Integrating Google Analytics with Screen9



    Screen9 provides the ability to collect statistics for meda delivered by Screen9 on your own Google Analytics account. The Screen9 Google Analytics feature tracks the following metrics:

    • Impressions - Playbacks loaded
    • Started plays - Amounts of "first play" clicks. If a user replays the video after it ends it will count as 2 started plays.


    To send the statistics to your Google Analytics account you must meet the following conditions:

    1. Have installed the Google tracking code before the closing <head> tag on your website.

      You can ignore this step if you are using iframe embed codes, or if you already have a Google tracking code on your site, all you need is your current Web Property ID (UA-XXXXX-X). Otherwise the following link describes how to set up the web tracking code on your site:

      If you are using the Onyx player, you can also use Google tag manager for managing your analytics. However, this is not supported in older players.

      Currently, Google Analytics provides two tracking methods to track statistics (see image below):

      Universal Analytics - Uses the analytics.js library.
      Classic Analytics - Uses the ga.js library.

      It doesn't matter which option you choose because the Screen9 platform detects which one you use and utilises the correct methods for the respective libraries.

    2. Use iframe or Javascript embed codes.

      Due to how the Google Analytics integration is designed, HTML Flash embed codes (refered to as playertag in the XML-RPC API) will not send statistics to your Google Analytics account. Statistics can only be collected on pages that use the iframe or JavaScript embed codes.
      Note: iframe embedded videos only send Google Analytics stats if using the Onyx player.

    3. Register your Web Property ID (UA-XXXXX-X) in Console.

      To register the Web Property ID for your account navigate to the "Account Settings" tab in Console, then add the property ID from Google Analytics (in the form "UA-0000000-0").

      Make sure that the ID you enter in Console is the same as the one used for tracking in the page where the player will be appearing: The integration won't work otherwise!

    View the reports (Google Analytics panel)

    Once event tracking has been set up and working on your site for a day, you can view statistics for videos in Google Analytics. These views can be found under:

    Google Analytics -> Content -> Events -> Top Events -> Videos

    For more details about how to filter and view this data, see the corresponding user guide.

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