Controlling video playback with keyboard shortcuts in the Rutile player


    This article gives an overview of the video playback control with keyboard shortcuts on desktop systems (that is, the Flash based video player).


    Keyboard shortcuts

    Shortcut Function
    Space Starts playing or pauses playback
    Left arrow or H Seeks backward
    Right arrow or L Seeks forward
    Down arrow

    Decreases the sound volume by 10% of the

    Up arrow Increases the sound volume by 10% of the
    M Mutes or unmutes audio

    Navigates between the control elements in the
    same order as they are displayed in the player
    control bar.


    The active element is highlighted by a yellow
    frame (see the example above). Pressing Enter
    causes the player to activate the selected
    function, for instance to mute or unmute audio if
    the mute element is currently selected.

    Shift+Tab Same as TAB, but control elements are
    navigated in the reverse order
    Esc Exits the fullscreen mode
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