Uploaded video is stuck in "Queued for processing" status


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    When I upload videos they are queued for much longer than I would expect. Sometimes there are no other videos waiting in the queue and yet my video shows up as being queued.


    When videos are uploaded to Screen9, they get placed in a queue for processing. Each customer has an allocated processing capacity with their account(s) and videos are processed in a first-come-first-serve priority using the allocated capacity. Some customers have more than one account being served by the same capacity pool.

    Customers with multiple accounts share the capacity pool and this can have the effect that videos uploaded in a seemingly empty account wait in the queue for videos in other accounts to be processed first.


    The solution is to simply wait for the processing to finish the earlier videos in the queue. If this is a reocurring problem, it is possible to buy more capacity from Screen9 which will make processing faster.

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