Uploading doesn't work



    I'm uploading videos and they do not appear in the Screen9 Account Console. If your video does appear in the list of videos in Account Console but doesn't process correctly you should probably be reading this article. Please check that you have uploaded your video and that it does not appear in you Account Console media archive.


    There are two basic ways to submit video content to Screen9. One is uploading using a HTTP post, for example when you upload using your browser in Account Console. The other is uploading via FTP. You can upload to Screen9 using the upload page in the Account Console. You can also upload to Screen9 from a webpage which integrates using the Screen9 API such as the upload page in a CMS. Screen9 is only able to provide support for uploads from the Account Console or via FTP. If you are uploading from another interface we must ask you to contact your local technical contact to help you diagnose your upload problem.


    If you are having trouble uploading files via FTP begin with confirming that you are using the right account credentials. Please also try uploading using the FileZilla FTP client before contacting Screen9 support.

    If you are having trouble uploading from the Account Console we recommend that you try the Chrome browser because it handles file uploads (especially with larger files) better than any other browser. If you are still having troubles you are likely behind a firewall that is preventing you from uploading files, please check this with your system administrator. 

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