Supported video formats


    Screen9’s video platform accepts almost any major video format but there are a few exceptions. When talking about video formats there are three different factors to keep in mind: the video codec, the audio codec and the container format.

    The container format is just what the name suggests, a description of how data is stored in the file. Common container formats are: mpg, avi, mov, mkv, mp4. Screen9 supports all leading container formats.

    The video and audio codecs are the algorithms used to encode and decode the actual video and audio data. Common video codecs are mpeg2, mpeg4, H.264, wmv. Common audio codecs are MP3, AAC, WMA. Screen9 supports all major video and audio codecs with the exception of the list below.

    Unsupported video codecs

    • Apple Intermediate Codec (icod)
    • Microsoft Screen Capture
    • Interlaced WVC1 (Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile)

    Unsupported audio codecs

    • Windows Media Audio Lossless
    • AAC Low Delay (AAC-LD)
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