Recommendations for configuring your live encoder


    The following are recommendations for configuring your encoder.
    If you're interested in the output formats you can read the Screen9 article about Live output formats.

    Resolution 854x480 1280x720 1920x1080 4096x2160
    Video Bitrate 1.5 Mbit/s 3 Mbit/s 8 Mbit/s 32 Mbit/s
    Audio Bitrate 192 kbit/s 192 kbit/s 256 kbit/s 256 kbit/s

    Note that if you wish to live stream at 1080p or above you need to contact your sales rep or send an email to about activating this feature.

    Audio and video encoder 

    Video should be encoded using H.264 and audio using AAC. For audio set 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sampling rate.


    Framerate up to 60 fps is supported however for best quality it is recommended to set your encoder framerate to match the output of your camera, but not above the maximum fps configured on your account.

    60 FPS for Live is an add-on feature, to upgrade to 60 FPS Live, please contact your account manager.


    Your keyframe interval can be set to anything below 5 seconds (150 frames at 30 fps), you can get a slight decrease in stream delay by setting a low keyframe interval, but this also takes up a lot of bandwidth.

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