Live channels


    Live streaming with Screen9 is done using live channels. A live channel is a unique ingest point, or in other words, a URL and stream name to which you stream the RTMP video stream. This ingest point remains constant which means that you only have to configure your streaming equipment (encoder) once. For this reason, it is recommended to create one live channel per device that you use to stream live. In the example below, there are three live channels: one for a "Wirecast", one for a "Teradek Vidiu" and one for a "Wowza GoCoder". The names have no meaning other than for you to remember which one is which.

    The live channels on your account can be reached by clicking the Live tab and then the Live channels submenu, or follow this link (you need to be logged in).

    When you register a new live event you will need to select which channel to use. Live channels can only broadcast one event at a time. If you need to run multiple events at the same time that can be achieved by using multiple channels.

    When you configure your encoder to stream to a live channel you will simply copy-paste the Ingest URL and Stream name values.

    To create a new channel, simply click the "Add channel" button and give your new channel a name. 
    Note that it takes up to 30 minutes before a new channel can stream a live event.

    External sources

    On the live channels page there is also the possibility to set up external sources. External sources works in two ways, Streaming using Screen9 adaptive transcoding and Streaming directly from source

    • Streaming using Screen9 adaptive transcoding - You only need to provide the RTMP source, the rest will be handled as a usual live event, using Screen9 adaptive transcoding.

    • Streaming directly from source - You bypass Screen9 transcoding and have the player display a source you provide directly. You can provide either a HLS source, RTMP source or both. The HLS source is recommended because it is required for the stream to work in the Onyx player and mobile devices, the RTMP source is required to record the event to your media library. 

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