Registering a live event in the classic Console


    The first thing to do to start streaming live is to register an event. Click the Live tab in console to get to the Register event page. This article explains the information you need to enter to complete the registration form.


    Give your event a title. This works much in the same way as the video title for an on-demand event. The player displays a count down panel before the event is started and in this panel the title is displayed.

    Live channel

    Select which live channel to stream from.

    Preload image

    The preload image is the background image shown as the background to the player when embedded on your page. Since there is no video to extract from automatically, it is important that you add this information manually.


    In the scheduling section you define when and how long the event will be taking place. It's important to note that during this time, no other events can be scheduled on the same live channel.

    Enter the start date and time and choose the duration with the slider. It is usually not important to specify the duration very precisely, just make sure that it is more than what you anticipate that the event will take. Using the live event controls, you will be able to stop the event when you like. However, if you wish to specify a more exact duration or one that is longer than 72 hours, click the "Specify end date" radio button where it says Event length.

    The Record event switch controls if the event should be recorded. A recorded event automatically becomes available as an on-demand recording after the live event has finished. If you wish to record the event but not make it publicly available, you can use the publishing options to restrict the availability of the recording.

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