Streaming to a live channel


    This article covers how to configure your encoder to stream to the correct Screen9 live channel.

    Live channel ingest point in Screen9

    The ingest point in Screen9 consists of two values, the Ingest URL and the Stream name. You find these values in the new live event wizard. You can also find the values on the live event page after having registered the event (see image below).

    When your streaming encoder is correctly configured, remember that you cannot connect to the streaming server until you see a preview player on the live event page. Before then, there is no server to answer connections.


    Setting up the encoder

    At this point, it's simply a matter of copying the URL and stream name to your streaming encoder. This works a little differently for different encoders and we will show you the most common ones below. Note that we are now covering third party software and that their interfaces may change as they update their software. The general principle should still be correct however.

    You can also use the Screen9 App for iPhone and iPad as your encoder where you only have to select the live channel from a list instead of typing in the entire stream address and stream name.

    After the encoder has been set up, verify that preview player is visible (the event is in preview state) then connect to the streaming server and start streaming.

    Telestream Wirecast

    Go to Output and then Output Settings, select RTMP Server as destination and press OK.

    Copy the Screen9 Ingest URL field to the Wirecast Address field.

    Copy the Screen9 Stream name field to the Wirecast Stream field.

    Adobe Live Encoder

    Copy the Screen9 Ingest URL field to the Adobe Live Encoder FMS URL field.

    Copy the Screen9 Stream name field to theAdobe Live Encoder Stream field.


    OBS Studio

    Go to Settings and in under the "Stream" tab, then select "Custom Streaming Server" as Stream Type.

    Copy the Ingest URL to the URL field.

    Copy the Stream name to the Stream key field.

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