Add Additional Information to Your Videosite


    You've customised the look and feel of your videosite and now it's time to add additional information to your site to make it complete. When logged in, the header and footer icons become editable (showing a small pen marker). Click the logotype (or the placeholder) to open a file upload dialogue and upload your logotype. Note that the logotype is not processed for web use so be sure to upload a .jpg compressed image and that it isn't too large (will slow down page loading). 

    In the footer of the site, you also have the option of adding contact information or other textual information that adds value to your site. Edit the values by clicking on them.

    Edit the information shown to search engines and that's displayed in your browser's tab bar by clicking on the "Info" tab in the menu. The fields Title and Description are shown in search engine (such as Google) results and also on the browser tabs bar. Upload a favicon to further improve the appearance in the tabs bar.

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