Setting up filters (categories) in the menu


    The videosite diplays a menu-like navigation unit that users can use to better navigate the video content and find what they're looking for. See an example in the image below (menu is indicated by the red arrow). In the customiser, we call this filters.

    There are two types of filters:

    • Category filters - These are using the categories as they are defined in the console. Note that only moderated (public) categories will be visible. The text that is displayed for these filters is the category name, if you want to change it you simply change the category name in console.
    • Algorithmic filters - These are automatically populated by the system and you can choose to enable them individually. Changing the text for automatic filters is done using the labels translation.

    Under the Filters tab you can configure which algorithmic filters to use, and also in which order the filters will be visible on your videosite. The first filter in the list will be the default for visitors to the site.

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