Video tutorials explaining the Videosite


    The following is a video tutorial divided into six parts. Each part covers a section of the Videosite, explaining all of its features, teaching you how to easily set up your own Videosite.

    1. Videosite Front Page
    2. Theme Tab
    3. Options Tab
    4. Sharing and Social Tabs
    5. Info, Filters and Labels Tabs
    6. Access and Embed Tabs


    How to edit the Videosite Front Page

    Video tutorial #1

    • Introduction
    • Access your videosite
    • Customize the front page


    How to change the Theme Tab

    Video tutorial #2

    • Theme and appearance
    • Background image
    • Override colors
    • Override font


    How to change the Options Tab

    Video tutorial #3

    • Carousel
    • Autoplay
    • Host mapping
    • Google Analytics


    How to change the Sharing and Social Tabs

    Video tutorial #4

    • Sharing
    • Download
    • Social


    How to change the Info, Filters and Labels Tabs

    Video tutorial #5

    • Videosite info
    • Favicon
    • Filters 
    • Label customoization


    How to change the Access and Embed Tabs

    Video tutorial #6

    • Iframe access
    • Password access control
    • Search engine indexing
    • Embed settings
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