General recommendations



    A reliable cable connection with at least 10 mbps is preferred. Wifi and 4G connections can work but can cause problems.

    Test before

    Always test before your live event with your exact setup if you can.


    Proper lighting of your scenery is crucial to making a quality production. The topic is quite wide and we will not go in to detail but rather encourage you to read more about it.


    To make a quality production, your audio must also be of high quality. Investing in an external microphone is a good idea. If you are doing an interview, consider using a microphone splitter and two microphones instead of only using one. When you are setting up your site, consider if there are distracting noises and if you can eliminate them somehow.

    Use a tripod

    Unless you are doing a remake of the “Blair Witch Project” using a tripod is always a good idea.


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