As an addition to chapters, it is also possible to create presentations that are linked to the timeline of a video. Convert your presentation to images and upload them and sync them on the timeline, and your users can watch the video with images synced to the timeline.

    Editing the presentation

    Creating the presentation is much like the chapter editor, except there is also the ability to add images that can be synced to the very same timeline. Click the "upload images" button and select the images that you wish to sync. Once all the images are uploaded you are able to sync them on the timeline either by dragging and dropping them there, or you can use the play head to seek to the right position and click add slide and then select the appropriate slide. 

    Publishing the presentation

    Each video with a presentation has an automatic landing page. You will find this page by clicking on the "Link to presenter site" on the presenter edit page. The page is responsive and you can embed it in an iframe.

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