Protecting a video


    You can add restrictions to your videos in Screen9 so that they are only available to users in a certain country or with a certain IP address. This setting can be configured as a default for the entire account and individual videos can either be set to obey the account default or to override it with their own setting.

    Account wide default

    The account wide default is set on the account settings page and it is located on the bottom right of this page Simply click the "Edit restrictions" button and follow the instructions for adding restrictions to a single media below.

    Restrictions to single media

    On the edit page for the video you wish to add restrictions to, select "Custom restriction" and then click the "Edit restrictions" button found on the bottom right.

    A popup appears and in this popup you can choose to either add permitted countries or permitted IP addresses. Add restrictions and remember to click the save button. 

    With restrictions added, the player will no longer display the video if the visiting user does not match the restriction criteria. For unwanted users the player will instead show a message that the video is not available.


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