RSS Feed elements


    Note that the XML-RPC API is a legacy API and is no longer being developed, we recommend using the REST API instead.

    The XML-RPC API call getRssFeed will return a MediaRSS feed. MediaRSS feeds can also be obtained from Console. Here is a short description of which elements for each <item> are included and how they are formed. Depending on account configuration, not all elements will be included in the MediaRSS feed.

    MediaRSS element Created from
    description Media description 
    enclosure Direct link to media file (mp4 for video)
    guid Media permaid (mediaid)
    link Website configured with the property
    media:content Direct link to media file (mp4 for video)
    media:credit Username of uploader
    media:keywords Tags associated with the media 
    media:player Link to page with player/preview of media
    media:thumbnail Media thumbnail image URL
    media:title Media title
    pubDate The creation timestamp for this media
    title Media title
    valid Creation timestamp and timestamp when media expires.
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