Screen9 statistics explained




    • Views: The total number of views of a media. When advertisement is enabled, the view is
            counter after the preroll is completed and the main content starts. Pressing reply after playback
            has finished does not trigger a new view. Similarly an automatically looping video does not
            trigger new views for each loop.

    • Viewed time: The total viewed time

    • Impressions: The total number of times that the embedcode and player has been loaded.

    • Visits: Visits are similar to impressions, but only counts if the user has not generated an
            impression or a view in the last 30 minutes. Or in other words, if you browse around a site,
            loading several video players, you will only generate one visit. A new visit will not be generated
            until you stop browsing for 30 minutes.

    • GiB Data traffic: Consumed bandwidth for media streaming.

    • Unique visitors: The unique number of visitors that has generated at least one view.

    • Avg engagement: The total viewed time divided by number of views and media length. Or in
            other words, as a percentage, how large portion of a media has been consumed on average.

    • Play rate: Number of views divided by number of impressions. Or in other words, as a
            percentage, how many of users that have loaded the player, has clicked play (and endured
            potential preroll-ads).

    • Uploads: The numbed of uploaded media.


    Top list

    Lists the top media, category, domain or trackingid.
    See overview for metric explanations.


    Displays a graph for a single media covering the engagement throughout the duration of the media. For each point in time of the duration of the media, the graph tells you how large percentage of users that watched here. When a user seeks back/replays the media without closing the player, the engagement counts double and thus engagement can be over 100%.


    Similar to top list, but for country of origin of the viewer. Visualised with a map.


    • User loyalty: How many users that have generated views in this many unique time periods.
    • User engagement over the day: Percentage of views per hour of the day.

    Account usage

    Graphs for accumulated data traffic (see overview metrics) and maximum storage usage. Also displays a top list for the media that consumed the most bandwidth during this period, and a top list for the biggest media in terms of storage that was uploaded during the period.

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