Publishing your video with specific playback start and end times


    When publishing your video, it might be desirable to focus only on a certain part of the clip, be it a specific video illustration for an article or a recording of a live event with an uninteresting introduction. This article focuses on obtaining an iframe embed code with specific playback start and end times using the Account Console.

    As usual, iframe embed code can be found in the Publish Options box on the Edit page below the video player. In this example, let us pretend we are only interested in the epilogue of the video (excluding credits), ranging between 11:57 and 12:23 in the movie. It is also fine to use only one of these times to control either the start or the end point.

    Playback start and stop times can be entered in the text fields right below Player size and Autoplay options. As described in the tooltip, one can enter just a plain amount of seconds (such as 717 seconds for 11 minutes 57 seconds) as well as more usual duration in minutes and seconds such as 11:57. Hours and milliseconds are also understood and can be used if desired, for instance, 1:00:00.500 corresponds to the middle of the first second of the second hour of the movie. As soon as the iframe embed code is updated, it is ready to be pasted in your CMS (content management system), HTML editor or any other tool used to edit your web page. Player in your newly embedded video will now start and stop and the specified times.

    The explained process is detailed in the instruction video below. In the end of the demonstration, we verify the desired start and end behaviour in the popup preview player.

    Note that viewers will still be able to seek outside of the defined time boundaries. In case video needs to be permanently edited to remove the unwanted parts, trimming function should be considered instead.

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