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    The Swedish news agency TT is the main provider of news content in Sweden. Their service allow both manually fetching desired content as well as setting up automatic subscriptions of content.

    Video content from TT can be automatically imported into your Screen9 account via FTP together with associated metadata such as title and description.

    Configuring import from TT

    You need to have an account with TT as well as an FTP login to Screen9. See the Uploading-with-FTP guide for more information on login details to FTP. We recommend setting up a specific user in the Screen9 console for TT logins.

    TT has a setup guide here. This is the Screen9 information you need to setup FTP deliveries in your TT account:

    • Adress: ftp://csp-ftp.screen9.com
    • Katalog: /
    • Användare: User for TT
    • Lösenord: Password for user for TT

    Once done, you need to setup the video formats to be delivered from TT.

    Setup of TT video formats

    In Mina Sidor under Leveranskanaler all FTP feeds for a TT account can be found.

    Click on the FTP feed to Screen9 (setup above) and select Format.

    Make sure TTNewsML and one of Video-SD or Video-HD is checked. Our recommendation is to use the HD format to get better quality transcodes. Never in check both video formats as this will result in two videos being uploaded.

    Screen9 will ignore the Video framegrab format as it is too small resolution to use as a poster image for the video. Screen9 provides its own framegrabber functionality for extracting thumbnails.

    TT category mappings

    TT uses its own set of categories for categorizing content. Screen9 will try to match the TT category of imported videos with the categories defined in Screen9. If no matching category is found, the default upload category will be used.

    It is possible to setup custom mappings between TT categories and Screen9 categories. Please contact support for more details.


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