Controlling video playback with keyboard shortcuts in the Onyx player


    The Screen9 Video player Onyx has extra accessibility built in allow you to control the player with keyboard.

    This article gives an overview of the video playback control with keyboard shortcuts on desktop systems (for the Onyx player).

    Try it out in the video bellow.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Shortcut Function
    Space Starts playing or pauses playback
    Q Unloads the video
    Shift + Left arrow Slower playback (Slowmotion)
    Shift + Right arrow Faster playback (Fast forward)
    Down arrow Decreases the sound volume
    Up arrow Increases the sound volume
    M Mutes or unmutes audio
    Left arrow Seeks backward
    Right arrow Seeks forward
    . Seek to previous seek position
    1, 2, 3,..., 9 Seek to 10%, 20%, 30%,..., 90%
    or Double click Toggles fullscreen mode
    Esc Exits fullscreen mode
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