Step-by-step guide: Broadcast live to Screen9 using Wowza GoCoder


    Installing the app

    Start by installing the Wowza GoCoder app on your Apple or Android device.


    Register a live event

    1. Log in to Console and go to the live section
    2. If you don't have a live channel that you wish to stream to set up already, start by setting up a live channel.
    3. When you have the live channel you want to use set up it is time to register a live event.

    Streaming address and name 

    In Console

    Get your Streaming server address and Stream name from the page of your live event in Console.

    • Streaming server address - rtmp://
    • Stream name - 123456-7?p=KXs2M

    In the app
    Open up your Wowza GoCoder app and go to Connection info by pressing the Wowza icon in the top right corner, left of the Video options button.

    Select Wowza Streaming Engine, here you see HostApplication and Source Authentication/Login. You need to enter your Streaming server address and Stream name from the Screen9 Console into the Host section and the Application section.


    • Host - Copy your Streaming server address and cut off "rtmp://" at the start and "/live" at the end, then enter the remaining address into the Server field in your Wowza GoCoder app. The address that you get from Screen9 Console should look something like this:
      and what you typed in to the Server field in the app should look like this:
      When you're done with the Server field you move on to the Port field and check that it is set to "1935", if not change it to "1935".
    • Application - First type "live" into the Application field, then copy your Stream name to the Stream Name field in your app.



    Encoder settings
    Press the Video options button in the very top right corner of the start screen, there you have four sections, Stream, Video Settings, Video Size and Sharing Message.

    • Stream - you can select weather you want to stream video audio or both.
    • Video Settings - here you set your FramerateKeyframe interval and choose weather you want to Allow Rotated Video. (Framerate should not be set to above 30, you can find more about recommended encoder settings in this article.)
    • Video size - Here you select what resolution you want to stream (Higher resolution requires more CPU power and bitrate, you can find more about recommended encoder settings in this article.)
      Note that if you wish to live stream at 1080p or above you need to contact your sales rep or send an email to about activating this feature.
    • Auto Restart - If toggled ON, if connection is lost Wowza GoCoder will automatically reconnect.
    • Sharing Message - Configure a message and a URL to be sent to social media when you press the Sharing button that is accessible in the top right corner while live broadcasting.

    In the bottom left corner of the start screen you can select your bitrate, what options you see there depends on what you selected in previous menus, recommended bitrate can be found in this article.

    Start streaming

    Press the big red circle on the home screen of your Wowza GoCoder app, the stream should be visible in the preview window of your live event page in Console shortly after.

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