Export to Facebook from Legacy Console


    You can connect multiple Facebook pages to your Screen9 account and have videos automatically or manually exported to them.

    Connect a Facebook page

    Go to Account settings -> Export in the Console and press , then log in to your Facebook account.

    Your Facebook page should now show up under "List Accounts" in the Console as displayed below.

    Export existing media

    You can see the Export Status of your videos under the Edit tab of that video in Console. Here you get the option to export media, if it isn't already exported, by just pressing  next to your desired export destinations. If your media is already exported you can just as easily remove it from your Facebook page by pressing . (The same goes for Youtube exports.)


    Automatic export

    Under Account settings -> Upload you can mark an Export Destination as Default destination to automatically export uploaded videos. The Default Export Destinations are used for FTP, API as well as Console uploads, when uploading via the Console you get the option to override the default export destination and choose different destinations (or no destinations) for each specific upload.

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