Upload and broadcast live 360° video


    Video file

    The video uploaded or encoded have to follow the equirectangular format, this is the standard for 360° video.


    • 360° video on demand - 360° video files are automatically detected if they contain the correct metadata, otherwise you have to manually enable the 360° checkbox on media details page as shown in the image below.
    • 360° live event - When setting up a new live event, just simply enable 360° via the checkbox as shown in the image bellow. 


    You should now see the view orientation controls in the player for your 360° video.


    • 360° Video only works for the (HTML5 based) Onyx player.
    • The following browsers support 360° video.
      • Chrome 
      • Edge (version 14+)
      • Firefox (version 42+)
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