How to download video files


    Download via Console
    Log in to your Account Console and press the thumbnail or Edit icon of the media you wish to download, then on the Information tab under Formats you find the Download section, if you have storage of source files enabled for your account you will be able to download the original file as well as the converted web video. Store originals is a highly recommended feature for multiple reasons, talk to your sales rep or send an email to for more information.


    Download via API
    If you want to download more than just a few videos it can be tedious to go through all of them and get the download link from Console, you can use the REST API to automate this process.

    Download via Videosite
    If you have a Videosite connected to your Screen9 account you can allow users to download videos directly with the press of a button, how to enable this feature is explained in the article Making videos available for download.

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