You can configure a watermark for your account in Screen9. A watermark is set on account level. It is an image which is burned into the video during processing.

    It is important to note that watermarks cannot be changed for a video after the video has been uploaded as it will be burnt into all formats except the source file.

    To configure a watermark for your account, go to Upload under Settings and then in the Watermark section you can choose between "None" which is no watermark, and "Account default", to change the account default watermark simply press "Change" and upload a new image.

    When creating your watermark, keep in mind that the watermark will be centered and scaled to fit the size of the video.

    For best result the uploaded image should have the same resolution and aspect ratio as the highest resolution of videos you upload to the account, for example a resolution of 1920x1080 which has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

    The uploaded image must have a transparent background to work, we recommend using a PNG image, however most image types are supported.

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