Azure AD SSO for Screen9 Console



    The Screen9 Console supports single sign-on with Azure Active Directory. This article covers the process of how to set up a connection between your Azure AD and Screen9 Console.

    In order to set up single sign-on with Azure AD for the Screen9 Console, you need to be Administrator on your Azure Active Directory and Administrator on the Screen9 Account you are connecting to.


    Connecting Azure AD to Screen9

    Login to the Screen9 Console and navigate to the Connections section of the Settings, choose the Singe Sign-on tab and press Connect to Azure AD.

    You will be taken to Microsofts page to login and verify that you wish to give the Screen9 Console access to your Azure Active Directory.

    Role mapping

    After connecting Azure AD to your Screen9 Account you can specify which users and groups that will be able to access the Screen9 Console and what user role to assign them.

    In the Azure Portal on the "Azure Active Directory" page under "Manage" choose "Enterprise applications", find and select the application named "Screen9" in the list. When on the application page choose "Users and groups", there you are able to map users and groups to different user roles in the Screen9 Console.


    Now that your Azure Active Directory is connected to your Screen9 Account, your users can login using their Microsoft account.



    If you connect the same Azure AD to multiple Screen9 Accounts, users cannot be set to have different roles on separate accounts.

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