Appearance Settings


    Poster Image

    The poster image, also known as preload image is shown before video playback starts or if the player is unloaded. You can also set a short part of the video to play on loop instead of the poster image, for more information on Looping video poster check out this article.


    A small image shown in the top right corner of the player during video playback, can be set to link to a URL of your choice.

    Player Behavior

    • Title overlay
      Whether or not to show the title of the video as an overlay before playback and when video is paused.

    • Sharing
      Whether or not to show the sharing option on the right side of player control bar.

    • Embed code
      Sharing inside the player can show embed codes to encourage viral distribution.

    • Recommendations
      Show thumbnails of other videos as recommended after playback of video is finished.
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