Mirrored live channels


    What is a "Mirrored" live channel?

    Live Mirror is an add-on feature, for activation of Live Mirror please contact your account manager.

    Mirrored channels are useful if you have a constant video stream which you want to inspect before scheduling live events. Only a handful of connections can be established to the mirror at once and it can not be presented directly to end users.

    Mirrored live channels allows you to ingest your video stream to the Channel without an active while also providing you with a mirror of the RTMP stream. You can then schedule events on the channel for specified time period you want to publish.


    How to create a mirrored live channel

    To create a mirrored live channel, toggle the "Mirrored" button either when creating or editing an existing Push or Pull Channel. After enabling "Mirrored" on a channel, you will see the "Mirror RTMP" field as in the image above.

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