SiteVision Integration Installation Guide


    This article covers the topic of how to install the Screen9 module for SiteVision. Administrator privileges on SiteVision are required.



    Navigate to the Marketplace page by clicking the menu icon and selecting Marketplace as displayed in the image above.

    Screen9 Module


    Search for "Screen9" in the marketplace search bar and select "Video by Screen9".

    Add the Module


    Press Add module ("Lägg till modul") for the Screen9 module.

    Installation Complete


    After installing the module a popup will appear, pressing "Start using the module" will bring you to the Add-ons page.


    On the Add-ons page you should see "Video by Screen9" as in the image above if the installation is successful.

    The module is now ready to be used. For more information on how to use the module, check out the usage guide.

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